The Eider Center partners:
Anok margmiðlun ehf, Daníel Bergmann photographer, The West Iceland Nature Research Centre, The Municipal Museum of Snaefellsnes, The University of Iceland Research Center in Snaefellsnes & Snaefellsnes Eider farmers association.

Icelandic Eiderdown Center was opened in the Norwegian house, Stykkishólmur on June 13, 2011 by Mrs. Dorrit Mousaieff, patron of the center. The Eider Center was operated in the Norwegian house in 2011 and 2012. Its location is at it’s core in Stykkishólmur, because at Breiðafjörður Bay there is the largest Eiderduck area in the world.

In 2017, the Eider Center was re-opened in Stykkishólmur in an elegant building specially designed for it at Frúarstígur 6. The Eider exhibition has been set up in the new building and all facilities have been greatly improved. In the center, there is a benefit and educational exhibition where older working methods and tools are shown that were used to clean the Eider down. Photographs and films about nesting and down production over time are also shown.

Products made of Eider down and Eider down quilts are for sale in the Eider Center. Artists from Stykkishólmur were approached about making artworks related to vultures that are sold in the manor.

It is possible to welcome groups to Eider Center by agreement.