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The Icelandic Eider Centre was opened in the Norwegian House on 13 June 2011 by Icelandic First Lady Dorrit Mousaieff, the protector of the centre. The Norwegian house housed the centre in the years 2011-2012. Its Stykkishólmur location could not be more appropriate, as the adjacent Breidafjordur is the largest active eider duck nesting area in the world.

A tradition has developed of offering a wide array of exhibits in two spaces in the Norwegian House, the Kitchen and the Dairy Room, whose names make reference to their original functions.

The Kitchen features the Eider Foundation’s standard exhibit, displaying traditional methods and tools once used in cleaning eider. It also includes photographs and films on nesting and the harvesting of feathers through the ages.

The Dairy Room contains an educational exhibit on the eider’s natural environment, its predators and artefacts related to the eider duck.

Art from local Stykkishólmur artists was commissioned for the centre and is available for sale in the museum shop, where guests can also purchase eider down comforters.

In 2017 The Icelandic Eider Centre opened again in a brand new facilities in Stykkishólmur at Frúarstígur 6. The Exhibition from the Norwegian house was set up again and new items made for this location made. The new facilites offer a superb space to host groups or individuals who want to learn more about the wonder of the Icelandic Eiderdown.

The Eider Centre’s primary associates are:
Anok multimedia
Daníel Bergmann Photographer
The West-Iceland Centre of Natural History
Norwegian house – Local Folk Museum
The University of Iceland’s Research Centre at Snæfellsnes
The Eider Breeding Society of Snæfellsnes