You can choose from all sizes of eiderdown duvet, whether you want to have the duvet for yourself or share it with your partner. King Eider offers most sizes that are standard in your country. You can choose the thickness according to what suits you and the climate you live in. If you are someone who runs hot, you can choose the fluff or light duvet, and if you tend to be cold or live in cold conditions, you can choose the warm or polar thick duvet. If you’re not sure, a medium duvet is the size that suits most people. If you can’t find your size, we will sew the size that suits you. To make your choice easier, we recommend using TOG. TOG is a unit of thermal resistance used to measure the power of insulation.

Eider Duvet

Cover 100% Cotton Satin.
Tick Proofing and antibacterial Finish
Color:  White

Why should you choose an eiderdown duvet?

Sleeping with an eiderdown duvet is a unique experience. The eiderdown is lightweight and has exceptional insulation value, which means that it will keep you comfortably warm from the time you go to bed until you wake up and is tailored to your needs. An eiderdown duvet molds itself after your body, providing exquisite comfort while you sleep.

Eiderdown is a sustainable, ethical and completely pure natural product. The eiderdown is shed from the duck’s breast due to the hormonal changes that occur in her body when she lays eggs. This happens so that she can send heat to the eggs, like with other ducks. The eider duck is a local bird in Iceland all year round, and its down protects it well against the winter cold, which it sheds during the nesting season to keep the eggs warm.

The eider duck is a wild bird in Iceland. As soon as the chicks are hatched, the mother takes the chicks to the beach so they can find food to eat and the nest is left abandoned. The eider duck leaves the eiderdown and does not return to the nest until a year later when she begins nesting again and the down is once again shed from her breast.

Sweet dreams with natural comfort

King Eider produces luxury duvets and pillows from 100% ethically sourced eiderdown. We provide the ducks with a safe environment for nesting on the islands of Breiðafjörður in West Iceland. They shed the down themselves, and when they no longer need it, we hand-pick it from the nests – an age-old sustainable practice. Eiderdown has unique qualities, it is warm, lightweight and breathable.

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