There is a 5-year warranty on all eiderdown duvets and pillows in a cotton cover.
There is a 2-year warranty on all eiderdown duvets and pillows in a silk cover

The warranty covers:

  • Seams on the cover coming loose
  • Manufacturing defects such as holes or defects in the fabric

Warranty claim
If you need to claim a warranty, contact us at eider@eider.is.
A receipt must be shown as proof of purchase.
The product is repaired in cases where possible.

If the product cannot be repaired, we will replace it with a new one, and if the same product is no longer available, we will replace it with the most similar product of the same value as the original product

We reserve the right to use other, but similar, fabrics if the original fabric is no longer available

Handling and care instructions must have been followed, otherwise the warranty does not cover the warranty terms and the product will not be replaced.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Damage caused by unusual use
  • If the product has not been used properly or has been abused in any way
  • If animals have been allowed to use the product, e.g. walk or sleep on it
  • If inappropriate or harsh external covers have been used with the product
  • If more than one identical product has been purchased, only the defective product will be replaced
  • For accidental damage, check if your home insurance covers such damage
  • Damage that occurs if the product cannot be used or damage exceeding the purchase price of the original product
  • Cleaning the product if the product manufacturer’s instructions for handling and care have not been followed
  • Intentional damage or neglect of the product